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Asbestos surveying and management online

Survey JEM™ is a powerful online asbestos reporting and management database application. Survey JEM™ is designed for use by everyone from the independent asbestos surveyor to the largest asbestos surveying firm. Survey JEM™ can also easily be used by property managers to retain ownership and control of their own asbestos information. With prices to suit small or large volume customers alike, why not request a trial of Survey JEM™ today.

So you have some asbestos surveys to do. You turn up on site armed with your folder full of printed survey sheets and a digital camera with a good supply of spare batteries just in case. You are now ready to start a day filled with writing copious notes and snapping away like David Bailey. There has to be a more efficient way of collecting and collating all this data! Well, there is, it’s called Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software.

Sure, there are other computerised survey templates and electronic surveying tools available, but Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software comes with a few differences that set it apart from the competition.

Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software: Making life easier!

Firstly, Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software is simple to use. This is a boast that many providers of surveying software make, but when you try to use it, you start to feel bogged down in different screens and weird control panels. Technology is supposed to make things easier, not harder. This is why Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software really is easy to use, in fact we have never had to deliver more than a few hours of training in its use in over two decades. It is an intuitive system that is designed for the user, not like some programs that are designed for other programmers. We are very proud of the fact that even individuals who have minimal IT knowledge are able to use the system with no issues whatsoever. After all, the people who use it are experts in their own industry, not the IT one and this is something that programmers often overlook when developing computer systems for other industries.

Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software: For a complete report!

Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software enables surveyors to manage all aspects of the asbestos management process - on the Web! Surveying, re-inspections, removal, repairs and ongoing management tasks are all made easy and accessible.

Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software enables personnel on site to view information on mobile devices and to upload data and photos without having to return to the office. This alone is a massive box to tick for many surveyors, as they can stay in control of their survey from start to finish and never worry about incorrect data entry by a third party that the report is handed to for completion in the office. We have heard so many anecdotes from surveyors about the wrong areas being identified as containing ACMs, or the wrong photographs going with the wrong room or area location descriptions. These sort of mistakes can be far more than embarassing or frustrating, they have the potential to be life threatening.

Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software is 100% web based enabling anyone to access information from a web browser or a mobile device. With technology the way it is today, there is no problem connecting to the web from a suitable device. Smart phones, tablets, tough pads or laptops will all work and your camera is integrated into the device which negates the need to carry a separate digital camera. No more transferring hundreds of images from camera to computer and wondering if you have the correct picture to go with the corresponding location, snap it, name it and attach it to the correct location on site, what could be simpler?

Save time, resources and money with Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software

Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software allows surveyors to streamline all aspects of the surveying process. Inputting the relevant data for the surveys into the system, the ability to see progress and status tracking of the survey, photographs showing locations where samples have been taken or ACMs are suspected to be present, a neat colour coded risk indicator function, sample management and report generation, resulting in significant savings in terms of time, resources and money. Now that has to be a good thing!

Deliver client reports quicker with Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software

Create bespoke, customised survey reports, with all photos, floor plans and bulk lab certificates in a fraction of the time and all in one place. Once the report is complete, you can email these to your clients or enable them to view the entire report online with their own username and password. We believe this offers your clients the best possible service.

Get ahead of the game with Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software

Give your clients access to Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software, so they can instantly view their asbestos register, monitor current surveys and download survey reports and management plans. You can also showcase the features of Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software when talking with new clients or tendering for new contracts to gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Property managers have full control over their asbestos management

Property managers are able to store and manage all their current and historic asbestos related information for their properties in one easy to use and understand system. Being able to securely make this information available by those who require it, such as employees, contractors, cleaners and residents alike.

Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software also enables property managers to view and manage asbestos management tasks such as re-inspections, survey recommendations, removal and repairs whenever they require the information. No more requisitions for information from another department before authorising works to be carried out. The former has been a long standing challenge for property managers for many years. When you have all the risks and information at your fingertips, you can be confident when instructing works to be carried out on the building you manage.

Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software puts you in control

Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software allows you as a property manager to give people access to the information they require. You can give permissions for internal personnel, external surveyors and contractors access only to the property information they need and for the length of time they need it. Once they no longer require access to that information, you remove their viewing rights, in short, you remain in control.

Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software: Keeping people safe!

Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software will let you provide people with the information they need. For example, contractors may need to view some detailed information about the asbestos in a particular location and download survey reports that contain lots of technical information.

An in house caretaker, cleaner or maintenance worker for the property may simply require a insight into any information that identifies any dangers in the areas they need to go as part of their duties. For example, does the removeable panel behind the toilet contain ACMs? Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software is all about keeping people safe.

Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software keeping you compliant with regulations

Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software allows you to meet all your legal responsibilities as a property owner and show that you have a sound asbestos management plan in place.

Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software is value for money

Each client can purchase one or more permit codes for use with Survey JEM™ web asbestos survey software. Each permit code allows access for up to 25 users and an initial 10 MB of data storage space. A typical asbestos survey for a standard house uses approximately 2 MB of storage.

Additional storage can be purchased prior to use as required. All charges are renewed on an annual basis on the same date as the corresponding permit code renewal. Additional data storage can be purchased at any time. If extra storage is purchased before the permit renewal date then you only pay for the number of months prior to the renewal date at that time. So you only pay for the amount of data stored. Why not check out our page on Survey JEM™ pricing for more information.

Further information

If you would like to know more or are interested in trying Survey JEM™ we would be happy to help. Phone us on 01953 425 932, email us at or fill in our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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