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HSG264 - Asbestos surveys

Asbestos surveys are required in order to help duty holders manage asbestos within their premises. The information from the asbestos survey is used to prepare an asbestos register and management plan. Survey JEM™ allows the survey process to be carried out with ease. An asbestos register is automatically created and included within the survey report. A management plan can also be generated by adding a few more details within the survey.

HSG264 - Types of asbestos survey

HSG264 suggests two main types of survey: management survey and refurbishment and demolition survey. A management survey is used to assess the current risks from asbestos within a premise. A refurbishment and demolition survey is required prior to building work being carried out on any part of a premise. Survey JEM™ is designed for the easy creation of both types of survey with time saving tools such as the ability to include default text which is entered into the survey when the type of survey is selected. The text is fully customisable by the user.

HSG264 - Material assessment

A survey will include the taking of samples or materials suspected of containing asbestos. The samples are then analysed to determine the asbestos types present. The quantity, surface covering, extent of any damage and other factors are recorded and this information is used to determine the risk from the material alone. Survey JEM™ uses an integrated risk assessment to allocate a material risk score to all samples recorded. The risks are colour coded and then combined with the priority risk scores for the location (if recorded) to determine an overall risk level for the survey.

HSG264 details the risk scores to use during the material assessment and these are the scores used by the automatic material risk assessment incorporated in Survey JEM™.

HSG264 - Priority assessment

The location of the material suspected of containing asbestos will have an influence on the final risk level for the ACM and any measures which subsequently need to be taken. For example, an ACM found in a well used area such as a kitchen will have a much higher priority than an ACM found in a loft space. Survey JEM™ has typical priority assessment values already entered for a range of area types. If a priority assessment is required then these values can be automatically entered saving a lot of time. Survey JEM™ users can easily customise the default values if required.

HSG264 - Survey report sections

HSG264 lists the following suggested sections to be included in the final asbestos survey report:

  • Executive summary
  • Introduction covering the scope of work
  • General site and survey information
  • Survey results
  • Conclusions and actions
  • Bulk analysis results

Survey JEM™ includes all the report sections suggested by HSG264 in a logical and easy to follow layout. The data is entered in a logical, step by step process designed to minimise the amount of data entry time required. Survey JEM™ then collates the information supplied into the final report which is presented as a downloadable PDF document. Formatting is carried out automatically to enable the final report to have a smart, professional appearance. The report can be customised by the user to contain their own company logo and any UKAS accreditation as required.

Premise plans and drawings

Any drawings or plans can be incorporated into the asbestos survey report in PDF format. Once uploaded and designated as drawings Survey JEM™ automatically incorporates them into the final report and lists them in the table of contents.

Laboratory analysis certificates

Once the samples have been analysed the results can be entered into Survey JEM™ and any certificates can be uploaded and incorporated into the final report.

HSG264 and Survey JEM™

Survey JEM™ is fully compatible with HSG264 and is designed for use by building owners or managers as well as surveyors.

Further information

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HSG264 - Asbestos surveys