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Survey JEM™ is a powerful online asbestos reporting and management database application. Survey JEM™ is designed for use by everyone from the independent asbestos surveyor to the largest asbestos surveying firm. Survey JEM™ can also easily be used by property managers to retain ownership and control of their own asbestos information. With prices to suit small or large volume customers alike, why not request a trial of Survey JEM™ today.

Whenever we think of anything ’cost effective’, we often assume that it can’t be very good, after all, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for!

However, if we see the same thing, whether it be a service or a product described as great value for money, we tend to sit up and take notice.

However, sometimes something billed as ’cost effective’ can be well worth so much more than you end up paying for it. Survey JEM™ is such a service.

Why do we claim that Survey JEM™ is a cost effective asbestos database?

In a nutshell, because it has been designed to be so user friendly, it really is as simple as that! From the outset, we have worked closely with asbestos professionals to develop an online asbestos survey data storage and reporting tool, that is simple to use.

Survey JEM™ is a very simple solution not only for individual surveyors, but large organisations. The larger organisations will often have outsourced their property management to a facilities management team, and they need to be able to use the software the client has with ease. All too often this can be a sticking point between client and facilities management team. The team need an simple, effective and robust system to manage the clients property, enabling them to schedule works within a short period of time. By keeping things simple, it keeps their own workforce and outside contractors safe, thus avoiding potentially dangerous situations arising, often resulting in litigation.

We firmly believe that if a system is easy to learn and use then the requirement for expensive training courses or regular refresher courses is reduced or negated altogether.

All too often, software applications are designed by programmers for programmers. We design our software for the actual user and if the person with the lowest level of IT competency can navigate the screens with ease then it should follow that everyone else could pick it up without any trouble.

We are confident that everyone using Survey JEM™ will find it simple to use because in over twenty years we have only been asked to provide a few days training in its use. Should our clients require training, we can and will provide it, it is just that hardly anyone has ever asked for it and we are very proud of that fact.

No requirement for training equals cash savings for our clients

Training courses have always been expensive, but a necessary evil for many businesses. After all, there is little point in implementing a new system without offering adequate and effective training to the people who will be using it. As a business you have to ensure that nobody requiring the training will be off sick or on annual leave, it takes your workforce away from their day to day duties. Add to the above the cost of hiring a venue, paying travel expenses, possibly accommodation and then there is the cost of the actual training package. This all adds up to an expensive excercise for any employer. By keeping Survey JEM™ so simple to use, such training courses are not required, making Survey JEM™ a cost effective asbestos database to use.

Why choose a cost effective asbestos database like Survey JEM™?

The decision to choose Survey JEM™ should not be simply because it is a cost effective asbestos database, there are many other reasons to suit different individuals and organisations.

Asbestos surveyors will enjoy the benefits of Survey JEM™ as it is an incredibly powerful online asbestos reporting tool that will drastically reduce reporting time. We offer a pay as you use option and you will have the added benefit of producing your survey reports in PDF format. Also, don’t forget that it is very easy to use and cost effective too, we may have mentioned that already though!

Surveying companies will find that Survey JEM™ is fully compliant with HSG264. This is the Asbestos: The Survey Guide. This publication is aimed at people carrying out asbestos surveys and people with specific responsibilities for managing asbestos in non-domestic premises under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Surveying companies and organisations will also be able to offer online client survey access, customisable report options and data import and export is available.

Property managers can cover any number of properties, so you will not be shackled to a system that will limit what you can cover. You get to keep ownership of your data, something that some other databases don’t offer. As a property manager you will be able to add separate logins for surveyors as well as monitoring the access of contractors, all whilst enjoying the peace of mind of having a full offsite data backup.

Twenty years of expertise

Our long pedigree and dedication to developing a genuinely effective and simple online reporting tool have enabled us to market a solution that can claim to be extremely good value for money.

Whether you refer to Survey JEM™ as a cost effective asbestos database or a great value for money solution, it still holds true that you will get a superb tool to get the job done, simple! We don’t believe in making things difficult and placing unnecessary obstacles in the way of our clients just to justify an ongoing training need. We get enough repeat business from our clients and they are more than happy to share their experience with others that we receive a steady stream of enquiries from far and wide.

We produced our first asbestos database in 1999 for a client in Hertfordshire. At the time they had several problems with the previous database they were using but the main issue was that it was losing the data for entire surveys. We were asked to create a new database for them which could be used to store asbestos survey data and generate reports for their clients but above all else, it must be user friendly and reliable. We are very proud to say that we have achieved what we set out to develop with Survey JEM™.

The database we were asked to develop back then was a desktop based system. Over the years it proved to be extremely reliable and also had a much lower requirement for data storage space than the application it replaced. It was designed from the outset to be as user friendly as possible and the fact that a lot of thought went into the design was demonstrated in the tiny amount of training which was needed by its users. This early database is still in use today with a large asbestos surveying company although as it is desktop and server based it has been surpassed by online systems such as Survey JEM™. The success of this database lead to a range of asbestos surveying software applications developed for multiple clients, all with different needs and methods of working.

Further information

If you would like to know more or are interested in trying Survey JEM™ we would be happy to help. Phone us on 01953 425 932, email us at or fill in our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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