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Web Browser Based Survey Reporting Tool

Survey JEM™ is a web application so it is designed to work on any system with a suitable, up to date Internet browser installed. We recommend using Google Chrome but Survey JEM™ works just as well on Safari, Edge or Firefox.

Survey JEM™ is also designed to maximise the available work area on your device of choice. It will resize to fit the screen area using a layout which provides optimal ease of data entry. The result is an application which works well on a full size monitor, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

The Survey JEM™ developers were involved in the early days of asbestos surveying software when attempts were being made to carry out asbestos surveys on PDA devices. The valuable experience gained from years of developing electronic data entry has been incorporated into our software.

We find our clients prefer to use a variety of approaches to data collection. Some prefer to collect information rapidly using paper based systems then create the reports on Survey JEM™ in the comfort of their offices. Others prefer to fill in a survey as they walk around a premise. Survey JEM™ supports both methods of data collection equally well.

Also, Survey JEM™ has the added advantage that no data is lost if a surveyor happens to drop their laptop out of a window. Data is entered in real time so the moment you have saved an item of data you can be assured it is safe.

Asbestos reporting with added peace of mind

Any surveyor will tell you that the prospect of losing data is a major nightmare. No matter the cause of such a loss, the end result remains the same. More work and time repeating the survey, assuming that is possible, very disgruntled clients and lost revenue. The good news is that Survey JEM™ enables you to eliminate the worry of this happening.

Because our asbestos survey reporting tool is web browser based, the second the data in recorded, it’s there to stay. Although dropping your recording device out of a window, as mentioned above, would be extremely unfortunate, it is possible that a number of other problems could occur, leading to lost data.

Actually losing or destroying the laptop or tablet by accident is one, theft of the equipment could be another. A corrupted file or accidental deletion could also be a serious problem if data is recorded locally on a device.

The very last thing you want to do is to travel miles to site, conduct the survey, take all the photographs, record all the data locally only to discover that data files or photo files have corrupted when you return to the office to transfer the data to your reporting software. With Survey JEM™, every keystroke and every photograph is captured on the web, so you know it’s safely recorded. Now that offers peace of mind as nobody wants the hassle of lost data and angry clients.

No more data gaps with Survey JEM™

Another great feature of Survey JEM™ web based asbestos reporting software is that the data is entered in a very methodical and intuitive manner.

No more jumping from one screen to another or swapping between windows, it’s all there at your fingertips. Drop down options take the guess work away and allow the surveyor to concentrate on the survey itself.

When you follow the natural progression of the survey report, the chances of missing out or skipping data is eliminated. Simply complete one section at a time, moving onto the next when completed and you will very quickly end up with a comprehensive and professional asbestos survey recorded and ready to publish.

Should a surveyor deviate from the methodical format of Survey JEM™, no problem, after all, everyone works differently. No matter what order you complete the data, prior to publishing any gaps or missing data will be flagged in a pre publishing checklist. This great feature enables the surveyor to simply click on the flagged issue and they are taken back to that section to complete the data in full. When any missing fields are completed, the surveyor can then publish the asbestos report.

Publish asbestos reports onsite with Survey JEM™

As mentioned above, many surveyors enter data from locally recorded digital format or paper sources, assuming they don’t get lost or corrupted. With Survey JEM™, the data can be recorded in real time, meaning that it is perfectly feasible to start the data capture onsite and complete all the necessary fields, making the report ready to be published as soon as the results of any samples taken have been returned and entered. A purely visual inspection can be published and in the hands of the client before the surveyor leaves site. Now that has got to make sense for both surveyor and end client!

Survey JEM™ is flexible

Because Survey JEM™ is a web based asbestos survey reporting tool, the devices the data can be captured on offer total flexibility to the surveyor. Survey JEM™ works equally well on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, all that is required is an internet connection and with todays technology, there are few places where you cannot get a connection or are within easy reach of one.

Gone are the days when a mobile signal was a hit and miss affair. The latest WiFi and smartphone connectivity is extremely reliable and there are boosters available that extend the reach of mobile devices still further.

Why choose a web browser based asbestos survey reporting tool?

Survey JEM™ is a web browser based reporting tool that helps clients see and understand their data. No bells and whistles, just simple, meaningful data capture screens that allow you to get the job done and enables the turnaround time from site visit to clients desk to be minimised.

By minimising the time it takes to compile and publish an asbestos report, your productivity will increase and your expenditure will decrease. Survey JEM™ is the perfect web based asbestos survey reporting tool for the single surveyor up to the larger companies with multiple surveyors.

  • Fast analytics: Connect and visualize your data in minutes. Survey JEM™ is much faster than existing solutions.
  • Data, any data: From survey notes, locations, condition of ACMs to photographs, bulk analysis reports and floor plans, explore any data.
  • Update instantly: Get the freshest data with a live connection.
  • Ease of Use: Anyone can use Survey JEM™. No programming, no superior technical ability, just an intuitive, simple format.
  • Share in seconds: Publish an asbestos survey report with a few clicks to share it live on the web and on mobile devices.

Take action now by requesting a free trial of Survey JEM™. We guarantee that you will find the power and simplicity of our web browser based reporting tool too good to pass!

Further information

If you would like to know more or are interested in trying Survey JEM™ we would be happy to help. Phone us on 01953 425 932, email us at or fill in our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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