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Asbestos surveying and management online

Survey JEM™ is a powerful online asbestos reporting and management database application. Survey JEM™ is designed for use by everyone from the independent asbestos surveyor to the largest asbestos surveying firm. Survey JEM™ can also easily be used by property managers to retain ownership and control of their own asbestos information. With prices to suit small or large volume customers alike, why not request a trial of Survey JEM™ today.

Survey JEM™ web asbestos software really is a very powerful tool to assist the surveyor, property manager or remediation contractor in the management of asbestos in or around any property.

Web asbestos software for surveying

Survey JEM™ web asbestos software is an affordable and easy to use asbestos software solution for asbestos surveying. Survey JEM™ web asbestos software has been designed specifically for onsite use. It is an effective and reliable way of collecting building, room location and sample information as the surveyor conducts the survey. Our web asbestos software offers fast and accurate data collection in an easy to use tiered system.

Web asbestos software for air monitoring

All the information required for onsite asbestos air monitoring with Survey JEM™ web asbestos software means you will no longer required to complete paperwork onsite. This allows the surveyor to be more productive and ultimately saves the company time and money. Because Survey JEM™ web asbestos software is designed for onsite use, the user can record everything that is required to produce the air test certificate quickly and efficiently onsite once the tests have been completed.

Web asbestos software to make life easier

Although a great deal of data has to be collated for a good asbestos survey, it really doesn’t have to be difficult. With Survey JEM™ web asbestos software you get software that is not only reliable and effective, but easy to use too. Survey JEM™ was designed from the start to offer the end user a very easy system to use. Making web asbestos software easy to use gives a good range of benefits, making the entire surveying and reporting process so much quicker and far more cost effective.

Web asbestos software for data integrity

At Survey JEM™ we ensure that our web asbestos software is so easy to use. We are very proud of the fact that it is so simple that we have hardly ever had to provide any dedicated training sessions in its use. Owing to the ease of use, our web asbestos software will encounter far fewer mistakes when data in entered onto the system. Clearly input errors can occur, after all, we’re only human, however, people are far less likely to make mistakes if the tools they are using are easy to use.

Clearly asbestos is an extremely hazardous material and we all need to ensure that mistakes are not made when dealing with this dangerous natural product. It therefore follows that the quality and accuracy of data within an asbestos survey has very serious implications for the health and safety of all who may use the areas being surveyed. Ensuring you keep a very high level of data quality really can make all the difference when it comes to work being carried out on any premises. A contractor will want to be confident that before drilling into any surfaces begin, that there is no risk of asbestos being present. He can check the asbestos register to identify areas of concern that will govern where he can or connot drill. Accurate data is therefore of paramount importance, so by keeping things simple, the less likely it is to have mistakes being made and incorrect data being recorden onto the register.

Keeping it all together with our web asbestos software

Surveyors and their clients know only too well that keeping a clear, concise record of their asbestos risks is key to avoiding dangerous and potentially life threatening situations from occurring. A key feature to this is keeping all the relevant data regarding the location of any asbestos in one easy to access medium, Survey JEM™ web asbestos software is the perfect place.

The typical type of data that is common to an asbestos survey report would be:

  • The location of suspected asbestos containing materials
  • The type of asbestos containing material
  • Photographs of the areas and suspected items
  • The condition of the asbestos containing materials
  • The likelihood and frequency that people could come into contact with them
  • Floor plans
  • Bulk testing certificates
  • Any action to be taken.

Although the above list is by no means an exhaustive one, it does demonstrate that a great deal of important data will need to be collected and collated about the premises in question. Survey JEM™ web asbestos software is the perfect place to keep this and more information about the asbestos in your premises.

Web asbestos software for the future

As technology advances, we expect our software packages to keep pace with these advances. Survey JEM™ web asbestos software is under constant review to ensure that it will keep up with the latest technological developments. The last thing you want is a piece of computer software that ceases to work because of some change with a browser or some code that has become obsolete.

We ensure Survey JEM™ web asbestos software is kept up to date and will work as long as an internet connection is available. We do not and never will use any third party plug ins that we have no control over. We hand code all of our software, no out sourcing to other developers. The very last thing we want is a client to call us to say a part of our web asbestos software is no longer operating as it should.

Web asbestos software: The surveyors choice

We often receive enquiries from surveyors who are frustrated with other web asbestos software applications. They may find them confusing to use, or struggle with support when they need it. With Survey JEM™ web asbestos software, the surveyor can remain in control of their data and get their reports out quickly, accurately and in a professional format.

Most of our clients simply use a tablet or a mobile phone when conducting an asbestos survey onsite. They usually enter survey data onto the Survey JEM™ web asbestos software on site by using a standard tablet tethered to a mobile phone to provide the internet connection. With the existing internet coverage in the United Kingdom there is rarely a time when a connection cannot be established and this is about to improve with the introduction of 5G networks.

A low cost web asbestos software solution

Independent surveyors and small surveying firms can start using Survey JEM™ web asbestos software for as little as £160 (exc. VAT) per year. If there are no requirements for re-inspections then there is no need to store surveys online once they have been completed. Current Survey JEM™ web asbestos software users are able to create a pre-purchase survey for a typical house in approximately 20 minutes. They can then save the PDF report locally and supply a copy to the customer after which they can delete the survey and add the next one or simply edit the previous one if the properties are of a similar nature.

Survey JEM™ web asbestos software is flexible

Our customers have their own customers to keep happy and allowing them to with online access to their report is one of the real attractions of Survey JEM™ web asbestos software.

For example, should a surveyor create an asbestos survey report for a their customer, they can provide the customer with online access to their reports if they should want it. The customer would need their own permit code to which the surveyor would be granted access. With surveys only costing a few pounds a year to store, the customer can have permanent online access to manage their asbestos risks. The customer is also able to grant access to asbestos risk information to any sub contractors or tenants as they wish and check who has accessed what information and when. The key here is flexibility and control, making Survey JEM™ web asbestos software a fantastic value for money solution for the surveyor and property manager alike.

Web asbestos software at the right price

We have been very careful with the way we have priced Survey JEM™ web asbestos software. We wanted to ensure the price was low enough to allow independent surveyors to try our software without having to worry about investing large sums of money or being shackled to long term contracts in the unlikely event that they do not like our web asbestos software.

For the independent surveyor Survey JEM™ web asbestos software costs roughly the same as a family meal in a restaurant. This is why we firmly believe you should try Survey JEM™ web asbestos software today and see how it can make your life easier and more productive. Why keep struggling with unreliable applications that fail to deliver? Survey JEM™ web asbestos software is a cost effective, reliable and easy to use professional web asbestos software solution.

Further information

If you would like to know more or are interested in trying Survey JEM™ we would be happy to help. Phone us on 01953 425 932, email us at or fill in our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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