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Manage Asbestos Online

Asbestos surveying and management online

Survey JEM™ is a powerful online asbestos reporting and management database application. Survey JEM™ is designed for use by everyone from the independent asbestos surveyor to the largest asbestos surveying firm. Survey JEM™ can also easily be used by property managers to retain ownership and control of their own asbestos information. With prices to suit small or large volume customers alike, why not request a trial of Survey JEM™ today.

Manage asbestos online

These days everything is moving to online management and asbestos is no exception. Being able to manage asbestos online for your building portfolio has many advantages. Here are just a few of the most notable ones.

Instant access to your asbestos data

If you use Survey JEM™ to manage asbestos online then you can access your data from any device with an internet connection. Having rapid access to the current asbestos situation for your property portfolio enables you to quickly respond to any upcoming issues such as properties requiring asbestos removal or any which are due for a re-inspection soon. Being able to manage asbestos online cuts down the amount of information processing required before decisions need to be taken. Survey JEM™ is the perfect tool to easily enable you to manage asbestos online by providing the information you require at your finger tips.

Easy access to asbestos risk information

Survey JEM™ allows you to grant access to third parties such as contractors before they enter your properties. By using Survey JEM™ to manage asbestos online you can check the details of when a contractor has accessed the asbestos risk information about a property including details of any areas accessed. When you manage asbestos online you can help to reduce the risk of contractors having exposure to asbestos.

Manage asbestos online in real-time

When data is entered on Survey JEM™ it is immediately stored on a secure database. This provides the advantage that once data is entered it cannot be lost due to the loss or damage of a data entry device. It also enables a client to see their asbestos reports as soon as they have been checked and authorised by the surveyor. The reports are immediately available in PDF format which can be downloaded or printed as required by the client.

Rapidly transfer data

Survey JEM™ stores all your asbestos information in a secure database. By doing so Survey JEM™ is able to efficiently import data such as property address lists and export any information from the stored survey data in any format required by a client. At AFM Web Design we have decades of experience in moving data between various database applications and especially asbestos surveying applications and property management applications. Many of our clients conduct asbestos surveys for large organisations and blue chip companies who use their own bespoke software to manage asbestos online so the ability to provide them with tailored exports of asbestos property information saves large amounts of time and money.

Why use Survey JEM™?

Survey JEM™ has a proven track record. It is easy to use which reduces data entry time and maximises data quality. Survey JEM™ is the latest in a range of software applications used by our clients to enable their clients to manage asbestos online. Survey JEM™ is designed for use by everyone from independent surveyors to large surveying companies and also by property owners enabling them to take ownership of their data. Why not find out how Survey JEM™ could help you to manage asbestos online today?

Survey JEM™ offers flexibility and puts you in control

Picture a scenario such as this, a client calls you at home as they require information from the asbestos survey conducted that day at their premises. You know the paperwork is at the office, or the data is now safely stored on the hard drive of your computer, which also happens to be at the office. The client simply cannot wait until the next working day, as they have contractors on site waiting to start work and they want to know if there is asbestos present. You have two choices, tell the client that they have to wait until you are back in the office, hopefully it's not friday evening, or drive to the office, assuming you can gain access to retrieve the data. Your free time is precious, but the clients business is valued and you don't want to be the reason why they seek support elsewhere. A dilemma to say the least.

With Survey JEM™ you are able to retrieve any aspect of the report without moving from your armchair. If you have a smart phone, tablet or computer with an internet connection you are good to go. Better still, you could even allow the client to see the report themselves, eliminating the need for them to disturb you in the first place. This is the beauty of being able to manage asbestos online.

Managing asbestos online: The future now!

As already stated, most things are moving to an online management system, but that does not necessarily mean that is always beneficial for you, your business or your staff, even though it really should be.

All too often online solutions come along with the promise of making our lives better. They will speed processes up, saving time, money and making our businesses leaner and more productive and therefore more competitive. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Many online solutions can and do have the opposite effect. Confusing layouts that are counter intuitive. Staff struggle to get to grips with the software and you end up spending more time and money sending your staff for training so they can use the software effectively. You think the difficulties are merely teething problems because it's new and once staff are trained you will be up and running. The stark reality is that if sotware is so complex that you require targeted training, then the chances are that only the more tech savvy staff will get it even after training. Worse still, even if staff do succeed in mastering the workings of the software, there are no guarantees that the software is capable of performing as well as you had first hoped.

Survey JEM™ is different! We have never been asked to provide intensive training for clients staff. Most of our clients find the software so simple and intuitive, they simply don't need it. We have given some advice over the phone and have demonstrated the software to someone onsite, who are then perfectly capable of showing others should the need arise. We firmly believe that if you have to provide involved and in depth training to use any online management system, then you have made it to complicated in the first place.

Survey JEM™ allows our clients to manage asbestos online quickly, easily and without any fuss. The pricing of Survey JEM™ is another reason why it is such an attractive option. Survey JEM™ gets the job done with the minimum amount of fuss, with the minimum amount of training and at a great price point too.

Further information

If you would like to know more or are interested in trying Survey JEM™ we would be happy to help. Phone us on 01953 425 932, email us at or fill in our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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