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Electronic Asbestos Management

Asbestos surveying and management online

Survey JEM™ is a powerful online asbestos reporting and management database application. Survey JEM™ is designed for use by everyone from the independent asbestos surveyor to the largest asbestos surveying firm. Survey JEM™ can also easily be used by property managers to retain ownership and control of their own asbestos information. With prices to suit small or large volume customers alike, why not request a trial of Survey JEM™ today.

We live in an age of electronic wizardry, with apparently everything at our fingertips. There seems to be an app or software program for everything we do, so why are so many still relying on paper methods when conducting asbestos surveys?

Electronic asbestos management really is the way to go. The asbestos surveyor will be onsite, potentially outside in all weathers and having to record findings on paper is not just impracticle, sometimes it can prove impossible.

Having the ability to record data accurately and quickly, with the minimum of fuss, is made so simple with an electronic asbestos management system such as Survey JEM™.

Survey JEM™ - Electronic asbestos management

So what does an electronic asbestos management system such as Survey JEM™ offer you? Well, our electronic asbestos management offers you far more than simply a method of conveniently capturing your asbestos data, it offers so much more.

Electronic asbestos management for the surveyor

Our system for electronic asbestos management offers the asbestos surveyor the following benefits:

  • Survey JEM™ is a powerful online reporting tool
  • That is easy to use
  • Survey JEM™ will minimise reporting time
  • It has a pay as you use option
  • Survey JEM™ offers you survey reports in PDF format.

Electronic asbestos management for the surveying company

Our system for electronic asbestos management offers the asbestos surveying company the following benefits:

  • Survey JEM™ is fully compliant with HSG264
  • It gives online client survey access
  • Survey JEM™ has customisable report options
  • With a data import and export available
  • With a very low training requirement.

Electronic asbestos management for the property manager

Our system for electronic asbestos management offers the property manager the following benefits:

  • Include any number of properties
  • Survey JEM™ allows you to keep ownership of your data
  • You can add logins for surveyors
  • Survey JEM™ will let you monitor access by contractors
  • With a full offsite data backup.

These are just some of the reasons why the Survey JEM™ electronic asbestos management software is such a useful tool to have when you need to produce survey reports professionally and accurately.

Electronic asbestos management for your business

Survey JEM™ is an extremely powerful and inexpensive online electronic asbestos management asbestos survey data storage and reporting tool. Survey JEM™ has been carefully designed so that any size of surveying company can benefit from having electronic asbestos management at their fingertips. Individual surveyors are able to populate their surveys with everything they need to produce a professional and informative survey report. Even large organisations can minimise their overheads by having everything populated on site by their surveyor, minimising the risk of mistakes by third parties inputting incorrect data at the office. Survey JEM™ can also be used for managing asbestos by property owners and management teams. Survey JEM™ can easily manage any number or size of properties and is currently in use with a wide range of clients from managers to independent surveyors carrying out pre-purchase house surveys.

Electronic asbestos management that is easy to use

Here at Survey JEM™ we believe that electronic asbestos management software should not only be reliable and effective, but easy to use too. Survey JEM™ was designed from the start to offer the end user an easy system to use. Making electronic asbestos management software easy to use delivers a wide range of benefits, making the entire surveying and reporting process so much quicker and more cost effective.

Asbestos management software training

The Survey JEM™ electronic asbestos management software is so intuitive that rarely is any dedicated training required. We designed it to be this way from the start. Another great reason to choose Survey JEM™ electronic asbestos management software.

Essentially a asbestos management software system is easy to learn and use then this reduces the requirement for expensive training courses or regular refresher courses. The majority of software applications are designed by programmers for programmers. We design our asbestos management software for the actual user, no prior knowledge of computer technology will be required to operate our system.

The fact that our asbestos management software is so simple to use has resulted in us having to provide no more than a few days worth of training in the last twenty years. There is training available should our clients require it, it is just that hardly anyone has ever asked for it and that is something we are very proud of.

Asbestos management software for data entry

Survey JEM™ electronic asbestos management software has been designed and developed to allow users to follow the most logical method of working. Our electronic asbestos management software allows tiered data entry so that the same data need not be entered more than once. This system of tiered data entry and the ease of use means that less time is spent entering data, enabling the software users to be far more productive, maximising profit for the company.

A customisable electronic asbestos management system

Survey JEM™ electronic asbestos management has a wide range of options for you to customise the look of the online interface as well as the PDF report. You can add your company logo, set default text to automatically load into the report when you select the type of premise, upload company documents and set other logos such as your UKAS accreditation.

An electronic asbestos management system that ensures data quality

Because our electronic asbestos management system is easy to use, it follows that far fewer mistakes are likely to be made. Although human error cannot be entirely ruled out if humans are involved in any process, people are far less likely to make mistakes if the tools they are using are easy to learn and use.

It goes without saying that the quality and accuracy of data within an asbestos survey has very serious implications for health and safety. Maintaining a high level of data quality could make all the difference when it comes to work being carried out on any premises. The very last thing you want is a contractor drilling into asbestos simply because the information or data held on your asbestos register was of low quality.

An electronic asbestos management system to keep everything together

It can be frustrating searching for all the information you need with relation to asbestos that may or may not be present in a given property. This is why we have developed our electronic asbestos management system to keep all the relevant information in one place, ready for you whenever it may be required.

The raw data itself, detailing what has been found, where it has been found, its condition, the amount, the list goes on and on. There is a vast array of data required to keep others safe from exposure to asbestos, so having the ability to have all the data, photographic evidence, the laboratory reports and floor plans in one convenient place is essential to achieving a safe and effective asbestos management plan, can you really afford not to have such a system in place?

Electronic asbestos management system support

Another issue that many surveyors have raised with us is the lack of support they can get with exports and other general enquiries, this has never been an issue with the Survey JEM™ electronic asbestos management system.

Also remember that manual data entry does take a good deal of time, so anything which can be done to speed that up that process is worth investigating. We have many years of experience and expertise gained from transferring massive amounts of data between our clients systems and their clients systems.

Some end clients have a property management system supplied by a third party and others have one they have built in house but they all have their own specification for data transfer and usually have different preferences for standard values. Our method of creating export functions and manipulating data is second to none. It is reliable and effective, which is why our clients keep coming back to us for their data export requirements.

Consider just how much time your field surveyors spend filling out needless paper forms onsite. The environment they operate in can often be rather dirty, sometimes outdoors and coping with paper reports in wind, rain and dirty conditions can not only be problematic for the surveyor, but can also be a nightmare for the data input staff back at the office, leading to potential mistakes in the final asbestos report.

Survey JEM™ enables surveyors to easily complete asbestos surveys on site without the worry of losing vital information on paper forms.

Also consider the age old problem of one person not being able to decipher anothers hand writing. This can so easily lead to vital data being lost from the end report. This and many other problems with the manual inputting of data into a paper format will all become a thing of the past with our electronic asbestos management system.

Survey JEM™ electronic asbestos management export facility.

Survey JEM™ electronic asbestos management system gives surveyors the perfectway to collect and store asbestos survey data on a smartphone or tablet. On co,pletion of the report it will convert the data into a clear and concise PDF document ready for the end client to use.

Imagine having all the requisite data such as the executive summary, risk scoring, actions to be taken, exclusions, non asbestos items, photographs of areas of sampling or interest, site and floor plans, laboratory certificates, and a photographic gallery too, all in one easy to use electronic asbestos management system.

Survey JEM™ electronic asbestos management system data collection is streamlined with a clear and intuitive interface. It has a straight forward and methodical approach to data collection, using drop down menus to assist the surveyor in their work on site. This in turn saves valuable time when generating the end report, as minimal, if not no input from other parties will be required to complete the report.

In short, Survey JEM™ offers you an extremely consistent collection of data across the whole team of surveyiors, and minimising the need for extra work to be put in by other people back in the office. This amongst other features makes Survey JEM™ the ideal electronic asbestos management system for the sole surveyor or small team of surveyors.

Client specific data exports

Exports from Survey JEM™ can be made client specific. This ensures that only specific clients within the system can produce certain exports, keeping you in control of your data management.

The very last scenario you would want different clients with similar exports receiving the incorrect data that belongs to another. This sort of mistake could not only be potentially very costly, but very damaging to your professional reputation within the asbestos industry.

Survey JEM™ has multiple file and data formats as standard

Survey JEM™ electronic asbestos management system can output data into various formats depending on the clients requirements. The client may ask for a standard export should they have a commercial property management system, as well as custom exports that are aimed at clients who have their own systems.

Survey JEM™ output files

  • PDF document
  • CSV standard and most common file
  • Txt text file
  • XML export

Further information

If you would like to know more or are interested in trying Survey JEM™ we would be happy to help. Phone us on 01953 425 932, email us at or fill in our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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