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Survey JEM™ Pricing Questions and Answers

What do I need to start using Survey JEM™?

You only need a permit code. That allows you to add an asbestos survey and generate a PDF report which you can send to your client. If you wish you can then delete the survey and add a new one. At present a permit code is £160 plus VAT and includes an initial 10 MB of data storage.

Why do my own clients need individual permit codes for online access? Why can’t they just use mine?

Data on Survey JEM™ is divided into blocks. Access to each block of data is controlled via a permit code. You want each of your clients to have online access to their own surveys but only their own data so they need their own permit code. Each user login can have access to any number of permit codes so you can access your own data and your client’s data at the same time.

I believe in the saying ’you get what you pay for’ so why are the costs for Survey JEM™ so low?

We wanted to create a system which could be used by anyone without breaking the bank so we created a payment structure for Survey JEM™ based on the principle of ’Pay As You Go’. Our method of pricing means that you can enjoy low initial costs and simply pay for extra permit codes and additional storage space as and when you need it.

How many surveys can I store on Survey JEM™?

The number of surveys you can store on Survey JEM™ purely depends on the amount of storage space you have. A typical house survey takes up approximately 2 MB of space. That figure can help you estimate the amount of storage space you require.

Survey JEM™ has other modules such as the one for storing Air Test Quality Control information. Do I have to pay extra for those?

No extra payments required. The full functionality of Survey JEM™ is available to anyone with a permit code. We have other modules in development which will also be made available to all Survey JEM™ users as soon as they go live at no extra cost.

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